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I bought some muscadine grapes thinking I would like to eat them, not really knowing anything about them. For future reference: they have tough, thick skins and a lot of seeds.

After attempting to eat one, crunching on some seeds, and spitting it out, I googled around for some recipes.

I found one for a muscadine pie (http://www.cooks.com/recipe/rk1v82tq/muscadine-pie.html), and it came out pretty good. It tastes almost exactly like a blackberry cobbler.

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Even though I had to heavily alter the pattern because I have zero torso, my second dress came out a heck of a lot better than my first. Still a few things that I would change, but both dresses were great learning experiences.

The pattern might outlast our marriage

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Me: Aside from having to cut the pattern out 3 times, this is pretty genius.
Adam: What?
Me: This method of preserving a dress pattern: I cut it out, then iron it onto a fusible interface, then cut it out of that, and then I'll have to cut the fabric. But I'll be able to use the pattern for the rest of my life.
Adam: Well, assuming you stay that same size.
Me: ::allow a full 30 seconds of silence pass between us::
Adam: Did I stop you in your tracks?
Me: No, I'm letting you stew in what you just said.